green zucchini chips on white plate with wood under and cloth behind.

Air Fryer Zucchini Chips

Craving a light, veggie-based snack that doesn’t lack flavor? Air fryer zucchini chips are the answer! Coated in simple seasonings and so easy to make, these zucchini chips in the

pieces of fried bologna on bread with salad and cheese on white plate behind.

Bologna in Air Fryer

For a classic taste that stirs memories of your childhood, air fryer bologna is the way to go. Easy to make and (air)fried in no time at all, bologna in

turnip fries in blue bowl on wooden board with ketchup for dipping beside

Air Fryer Turnip Fries

Craving a vegetable snack or a simple side dish? Air fryer turnip fries are for you! Ready in just 20 minutes and so easy to make, these delicious homemade fries