How to make

Delicious & Easy Air Fryer Frittata

Simply Air Fryer

What You'll Need

Eggs Milk Tomato Grated Cheddar Spinach Mushrooms Paprika Salt

Start by mixing the eggs, milk, paprika, and salt together in a large bowl. You can adjust the veggies you add to your taste.

If you want to add mushrooms, cook them for 7-8 minutes on the stove. You can also air fry them. While cooling, preheat the air fryer to 360°F.

To the bowl, add the mushrooms, chopped tomato, grated cheddar, chopped spinach and other ingredients you wish. Stir well to combine.

Next, pour the egg and vegetable mixture into an oven safe baking dish that fits into your air fryer. 

Cook the frittata at 360 degrees Fahrenheit  for 16-20 minutes, or until the frittata is set. The exact cooking time may vary.

Once done, remove the frittata from the air fryer and let it rest for a few minutes. Then cut into slices and enjoy!

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