How to make

Air Fryer Polenta Fries

Simply Air Fryer

What You'll Need

Polenta Water Salt Paprika Granulated Garlic  Olive Oil Parmesan Cheese

In a saucepan, bring water to a boil and add the granulated garlic (or garlic powder), salt, and paprika. 

Next, stir or whisk in the corn polenta and keep whisking to ensure that there are no lumps. Cook for 10-12 minutes until smooth and thick.

Then transfer the cooked polenta to a bowl with a flat bottom, spread it out, and let it cool until firm (for about 1 hour).

Once firm, cut the polenta into strips about 1/2 inch thick and 3-4 inches long. Also, preheat the air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Place the fries into the air fryer, spray with oil (optional), and coat in parmesan cheese. Don't overcrowd the air fryer - cook in batches if needed.

Air fry the polenta fries for 7 minutes, then shake and cook for 3 more minutes until crispy. The exact cooking time can vary.

Once cooked to your liking, remove the polenta fries from the air fryer and serve with a dip or sauce of choice. Enjoy!

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